FAQ - How do I get a second instance for testing or pre-production?



This page describes the recommended procedure to have a 2nd instance of your ERP CRM for testing or preproduction purposes.




Why and When?

You already have an instance of Dolibarr ERP CRM running in production and you want to test new settings or the functioning of an external module.

What to do?

STEP 1: Creation of the second instance:

First, you need to create a second instance. To do this, go to your customer area (https://myaccount.dolicloud.com) in the My applications & options section.

Click on the link Add another application / instance

Choose the instance that corresponds to your existing instance but in the most advantageous pricing (generally the instance that has a pricing per user rather than a package, knowing that, at the end of the process, we will load data and setup and then unactivate the users who will not use this platform).

STEP 2: Copy data from the source instance:

STEP 2a: Consult the FAQ How to make my own backup of my DoliCloud instance to make a backup of your production platform. You will then have an image of your production in your hands.

STEP 2b: Then consult the FAQ I have a backup, I want to restore it to an instance to make your restore request of your backup to your newly created instance.
WARNING: When you make your request, be careful not to use the wrong instance to host the upload. If you specify the name/url of the original instance, the upload will take place in this original instance and not in the targeted instance.

You can ask us to perform step 2 (2a and 2b) for you, free of charge : In this case, after performing step 1 (mandatory), connect to your customer area (https://myaccount.dolicloud.com) then go to the Other - Support menu and enter a ticket by choosing the target instance as the assistance channel. Then in the body of the message indicate the following message:

Please make a copy of my source instance named ____PUT_HERE_SOURCE_URL____ and load it into the target instance named ____PUT_HERE_TARGET_URL___. I am well aware that all the content of the target (database and file will be overwritten).
Please leave only the following administrator account active: ____PUT_HERE_LOGIN_TO_KEEP___

WARNING: The request can only be processed if it is made from your customer area and if you correctly specify the source URL, the target URL and the name of the admin login to keep active. It will be up to you to reactivate the users if you want more users. But be careful, if the second instance created has a billing mode per user, the billing will be all the higher.

FAQ written by the DoliCloud support team.