FAQ - How to add an external module into my instance



Because DoliCloud is an open system, you are free to edit or extend your instance any way you want. Adding external modules (like add-ons found on www.dolistore.com) may be a good way to enhance Dolibarr with features that are not provided by default. This page explains how you can proceed.




There are two solutions:



The "Do it yourself" Solution


This is the step by step tutorial:

- Login on your application and go to the menu Home - Setup - Modules/Applications, then choose the tab "Deploy an external module".

- Upload your zip file.

- Once the file is transferred, login to Dolibarr, and navigate to the tab "Modules/Applications installed". You should your deployed module/application in the list. Once found, click on the "Activate" button. Your module is activated. You may have to setup the module, but that is part of the respective module's documentation.




The "Ask to DoliCloud team" Solution


This solution is possible only if you are subscribed to the Premium plan (but the "Do it yourself" solution has become so easy that this solution is rarely used).

This is a step by step tutorial:

- Send an email to support@dolicloud.com with the module you want to install as an attachment. Please also provide the URL of your Dolibarr instance (something like https://myinstance.with.dolicloud.com).

- We will perform the installation of the module, and we will let you know once the installation is complete by responding to your email.





FAQ written by the DoliCloud support team.