FAQ - How to close and cancel my DoliCloud subscription and account




You can both suspend your subscription or close completely your subscription of DoliCloud service yourself, at any time, from your customer dashboard. This page describe step by step how to do this.





Suspend my account


If you want to completely close your account, see next chapter.

But if you just want to suspend the service, for a short period, read this :

Suspending account means you plan to not use the software during a short period (minimum 2 month, maximum 6 month) and don't want to be charged. Also, you don't want to loose your instance and your data and plan to use them later. In this case, just send an email to support@dolicloud.com.

Our team will switch your users with status "Disabled".

This means you won't be able to use it anymore and you won't be charged for month coming after the current month. But your instance, data and account will be kept safe.

When you want to use it again, just send another email to support@dolicloud.com.

Our team will switch back your users with status "Enabled" and you will retreive your instance, users accounts, and all data when you left it.


However, if you want to close definitely the service, just follow instructions into next chapter "Close and cancel your account".




Close and cancel your account


Closing and cancelling your subscription to DoliCloud means you want to cease definitely to use the service. Once your account cancellation will be registered, your won't be able to use the service and all your data will be destroyed.

If you plan to migrate onto another service, we recommand to make the migration of your current instance before doing the cancellation request. If you just want to suspend payments (and software usage) for a short period, use previous chapter "Suspend my account".


If you are sure you want to close your account (and destroy all your data), follow this process :

Connect to your DoliCloud customer dashboard: https://www.on.dolicloud.com


- Your login is the email you used when you registered to the service.

- Your password is the password you used to register to the service (if you didn't reset it).

Login / Password of your DoliCloud customer dashboard differs from login/password you can use to use your Dolibarr ERP/CRM instance. If you loose your password, you can ask to reset it by clicking onto "You  forgot your password" link.

Once you are logged, click onto your Login at top right of your dashboard and choose "My account".


A new page with summary of your customer information is visible. Click on the down arrow near the button "Edit" and select "Change Plan".

Onto the next page, click onto button "Close and Cancel my account".

Confirm, and that's all.


Your instance will be undeployed and destroyed, immediatly if you were using a trial version, or at end of your month period if some payment information were active.

Note that you may still be charged for the current month since your cancellation request is effective for the next month.





FAQ written by DoliCloud support team