FAQ - Payment error with message "Card declined" or "Do not honor" or "Your bank declined our attempt to authorize your card"


Sometimes, you need to check, change or fix a credit card payment error. This could be because you have changed your credit card or for any other reason. You can enter and verify information of your credit card and payments from your DoliCloud customer dashboard. However, even if the credit card information seems to be correct, payment may report an error that looks like: "Declined", "There was an error with your card. Your bank declined our attempt to authorize your card" or "Your card does not support this type of purchase".


This occurs when DoliCloud tries to take a payment as the monthly charge for service, in the following cases :

- This happens when you try to change your credit card, if the previous card is not valid anymore or you simply want to use another credit card. In such cases, your credit card information may not be recorded and, if the old credit card information is incorrect, all payment attempts will report the same error.

- Sometimes, this appears automatically on a random month, even if you didn't change anything, and even if the previous month's payment attempt was successful.

Why and What to do?

When you got this error, this means that your bank has refused/declined the transaction. This is a common error, even if your card was accepted previously and if it is still accepted on other online payment services: Having a credit card accepted in one online store does not mean that the bank will approve the card transaction at a subsequent payment attempt. There is a lot of reasons for that, such as restrictions applied by your bank on countries, currency, daily/weekly/monthly quotas, limits in the number of tries etc. There are also a lot of other reasons specific to your contract, country, bank or credit card.

What must you do, if you have this error?

- Check your payment information: Check your credit card number from your customer dashboard, and try to enter the information again if you changed it recently or if the card number or expiry date is incorrect. For this, login to your customer dashboard: https://myaccount.dolicloud.com with the email you used for registration as the login email. Then, click on the link "Change payment method", which is available under the menu "Billing". You should be able to check/enter new payment information.

- Or, if your payment information is correct: wait for 2 or 3 days so that the system can make another payment attempt.

If payment fails a second time, then don't wait anymore: You must call your bank/credit card company to get the reason for the failed transaction and above all, tell them the following:

"I have had a transaction attempt declined for my card on YYYY-MM-DD date for NLTechno or DoliCloud SARL. It's really me using that card, so please approve these transactions for my card."

(just replace YYYY-MM-DD with date of the payment attempt failure)

In most cases, banks will solve the problem in less than 24 hours. The next automatic payment attempt should be successful.

FAQ written by the DoliCloud support team.