All DoliCloud addons for Dolibarr ERP CRM are now available on GitHub

Written by eldy
Last Updated 29/05/2021

dolibarr_box DoliCloud (formerly NLTechno) develops a lot of modules for the business management suite Dolibar ERP CRM. These modules are all Open Source modules. Now all sources of this modules are publically available on the GitHub platform.
You can find the repository of all modules (1 subdirectory into htdocs directory = 1 module) here:

More than 40 modules are available

dolibarr_box You will find on this repository the source code of more then 40 modules, designed for Dolibarr ERP CRM.

This repository is the official repository used for development team of DoliCloud. So you will wind here different kind of modules:
- "best-seller" stable and mature modules
- but also very old deprecated module
- and still in development (and not working) modules

Feel free to fork them and contribute...

Other free resources provided by DoliCloud team

The DoliCloud team is also the team that develop DoliDroid, the Android front-end for Dolibarr ERP CRM. Sources are also available on GitHub: here
The DoliCloud team is also the team that develop Sell-Your-Saas, the all-in-one solution (and full Open Source) to sell any Web application as a SaaS service: Official web site of SellYourSaas here and sources are also available on GitHub: sources of sellyoursaas
Also, the DoliCloud team develops DoliMed EMR, the addon to convert your Dolibarr into an Open Source software for caregivers: Official web of DoliMed site here and sources are also available on GitHub too: sources of dolimed

And if you want to test Dolibarr ERP CRM software, DoliCloud provide a ready to use service available here : Test Dolibarr on DoliCloud now