FAQ - EMails sent from application goes into Spam


This FAQ will give you advice when EMails sent from your hosted application are received into SPAM inbox, or are removed by the recipient Antivirus system.







Why ?


When you send EMails from your application, EMails are sent as if they were sent by any other EMail software. This means, your EMail transfer may experience same problems than any other EMail, like the following:

- Your EMail topic can be modified by recipient EMail reader adding a tag "May be SPAM" or "X-Spam" or something like that into topic.

- All your EMail may be moved automatically into your recipient SPAM box, so recipient just not see your message without going into its SPAM box.

- Your EMail can be deleted by your recipient computer automatically before it was read by your recipient.

Of course, all of this should only occurs if your EMail is analyzed as being a SPAM EMail. In most cases, true personal or business EMails are not detected like this, but Antispam systems are not 100% reliable and may sometimes make a bad detection. Next chapter will explain you what you can do if this occurs.



What to do ?


This is several reason and things to check:

* Check the sender EMail address. Sender EMail address MUST always be an existing EMail address. Nearly all Antispam system now systematicaly removed EMail if EMail used as sender is not a valid EMail address.

* Check Subject of your EMail. Do not use titles like "Not a spam", "I need you", or any subject that looks like a subject often used into SPAM EMails. Avoid also to use subject with all characters in uppercase.

* Check Body of your EMail. Do not use "test" content like "test test test" of "querty" or any sentences that looks like sentences often used into SPAM EMails. Avoid also to use a single text in red with a too large font.

* If you attached files, check files are free of any virus.


Note: If the recipient EMail is a GMail account, when you read the EMail message with the web GMail interface (www.gmail.com), you may find, on top of message, a message starting with "Why is this message in Spam? ...".  End of sentence may give you a reason why your EMail was detected as SPAM.


Don't forget that: if at least one recipient receive your EMail, even if it is received as a SPAM, this means problem is into your message (sender email, content of subject or body, or attached files), and not into the system that send the message.




FAQ written by DoliCloud support team