FAQ - How to force usage of secured HTTPS protocol on my instance



On DoliCloud, by default, you can access your application instance with both HTTP and HTTPS protocol, to be compatible with most browsers and computer speed.

But you can setup your instance to always use HTTPS (the secured crypted version of HTTP).






Force HTTPS usage on my instance


Imagine your instance is called myinstance

Your URL to use your ERP-CRM should be:

- http://myinstance.on.dolicloud.com    (standard URL)


- https://myinstance.on.dolicloud.com   (with a s after http, to use secured HTTPS protocol)


If you want to force usage of HTTPS (this means that if you type http://myinstance.on.dolicloud.com, you will be redirected to https://myinstance.on.dolicloud.com), you have two solutions:


* First solution is to edit yourself the config file htdocs/conf.php of your instance to replace line





Note: Access to edit your instance files is possible using SFTP (See corresponding FAQ for tutorial to access your instance files).


* Second solution, if you subscribe to Premium offer, is to send us an email to ask us to change your instance setup for you, to force usage of the crypted secured HTTPS protocol.

We should make the change in 48h.



After setup has been changed, using HTTP is no more possible, since all calls will be redirected to HTTPS link.





FAQ written by DoliCloud support team