FAQ - How to make my own backup of my DoliCloud instance ?


This FAQ should be useless for most people, as DoliCloud service already include daily backups, whatever is the offer your choosed (Basic or Premium). Restoring a backup can also be done by DoliCloud team according to conditions defined into our terms and conditions of service. However, we provide this tutorial for people who really need it.

Why and when ?

Whatever is the offer you had subscribed to, there is already automatic backups of your instance (database and files), done daily. So you are already safe of any disasters. However, you may want to do backup yourself, for example, because you plan to migrate to another hosting service than DoliCloud.

How ?

1) To backup your database:


When logged to application with an admin user, go into menu Home - Admin/System tools - Backup.
Just click on "Generate Backup". Then download the generated file and store it into a safe place.



2) To backup your joined files:


Login with a SFTP client (See FAQ: 142-faq-how-to-setup-my-sftp) and download content of the documents directory and store it into a safe place.



FAQ written by DoliCloud support team.