FAQ - Error message on image synchronization with WooCommerce and Dolibarr


I try to install the module ECommerceNG to synchronize my Dolibarr with WooCommerce. After setup, the synchronisation works correctly except for images. I got the "Error Code 400 Bad Request" when clicking on "Synchronize image" on the tab of files of a product.






To have your Woocommerce platform able to synchronize download your images, Wordpress try to download an image file called https://myinstance.withX.dolicloud.com/custom/ecommerceng/XXXXX/yyyyy. Such a file does not exists on your installation. Instead there is a Apache HTTP redirect file called .htaccess inside the directory custom/ecommerceng that transform the requested URL into a Dolibarr valid URL.
However, by default, redirectionby Apache is not allowed for security and performance reasons. This make the request of the image to fail.

What to do?


Just create a ticket from your customer Dashboard to ask us to enable the Apache HTTP rediction by .htaccess files.




FAQ written by the DoliCloud support team.