Why DoliDroid is better with Dolibarr v15 ?

Written by Eldy
Last Updated 28/03/2022

If you use Dolibarr ERP CRM, you probably already use the DoliDroid application on your smartphone (DoliDroid is a free front end client to use your online hosted instance of Dolibarr ERP & CRM).
With the release of Dolibarr ERP CRM v15, you should see new features appearing on your smartphone application. This is a list of the main important of them:

The new Bookmark icon

If you enabled the module bookmarks on your Dolibarr, you should see a new icon, in the top of your application...


This menu icon is always visible so you can now call any of your bookmarks just by clicking on this new Bookmark icon at any time.

The new Multicompany menu

If you have deployed the external module Multicompany, it is even easier and faster to switch from one company to another one. Just click on the menu and select "Change company", click on the new company to switch to.


This menu entry is visible only if your instance is Dolibarr v15 or higher and of course, if the module Multicompany has been enabled.

The "Take a photo" feature natively supported when uploading a file

When your Dolibarr application, used from DoliDroid, ask you to upload one or several files, you can now choose between:
- selecting a file on your smartphone,
- use your camera to take a Photo.
The photo will be captured and immediatly uploaded.


Other miscellaneous features

And of course all features already available with older versions of Dolibarr are still available, like...
  • Save spaces of the menus bars by replacing the menu with a button always visible to choose your meny entry more friendly.
  • Provide a button, always available, to make a quick search on any item.
  • Use embedded image resources of your version, when available, to reduce bandwidth usage.
  • Use internal cache for pages that should not change during session (like menu page)
  • Connections parameters (login/password) are saved. No need to enter them each time you use DoliDroid. With the last recent version of DoliDroid, this parameter are encrypted and stored directly into the secured keystore of Android.
  • Integration with your phone or other applications is better (Clicking on a PDF opens the PDF reader, clicking onto email or phone launch your email application or launch Android dialer, ...)
  • All visible dates use a year on 2 chars instead of 4 to save space.
  • When the popup calendar is opened, the keyboard is no more opened if not required like it is on a common browser.
  • Components that provide help information on mouse hover are hidden to save space (they are useless without a mouse).

Quick presentation in Video of DoliDroid...

DoliDroid is also an Open Source project

dolibarr_box DoliDroid is also available unde the GPLv3+ license, an Open Source license approved by OSI. You can find complete sources of DoliDroid on GitHub:

Feel free to fork the project and contribute...

You can install and use DoliDroid now: Install it on your smartphone.