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Preguntas frecuentes - Cómo cambiar o agregar una nueva tasa de iva


Este tutorial le describirá cómo cambiar o agregar una tasa de IVA para un país específico, en cualquier software alojado por DoliCloud. Todo el software OpenSource alojado por DoliCloud se explica si el IVA es un dato gestionado por software.

Vaya al capítulo que coincida con su software y versión.







With Dolibarr ERP & CRM 3.4.2 or higher


This tutorial will work if you are using Dolibarr ERP & CRM 3.4.2, or any more recent version.


To replace a VAT rate that has changed with a new value:


First step is to add the new VAT rate for your country.

- Login to your dolibarr instance with an admin user.

- First go into menu Home - Setup - Dictionnary - VAT rates or Sales Taxes

- On first line, choose your Country (first field), enter the new VAT Rate (second field), then a Note (last field, for example "New vat rate for year 1999") and click onto Add.


- Check into list that vat rate has been added.


If the module Product or Service is enabled, now, we would like to change the VAT rate that has been defined as the rate to use for some predefined products.

- Go into menu Home - Modules tools

- Choose menu entry Mass VAT change.

- You will get a page with two lines:


- Enter in first line value for old Vat rate, and into second line value for new Vat rate, then click onto button "Change".

Doing this will change all sell prices of your product and services with new value. If reference price of product/service was set to price without tax, the amount that will be modified will be the price including tax (price without tax remains the same). If the reference price of product/service was set to price including tax, the amount that will be recalculated and modified will be the tax without tax (prixe including tax remains the same).



With Dolibarr ERP & CRM 3.4.1 or lower


This tutorial will work if you are using Dolibarr ERP & CRM 3.4.1 or an older version.


First step (to change default VAT rate of a country) is same than for Dolibarr 3.4.2 or higher (see previous chapter)


If the module Products or Services is enabled, you may also need to edit prices of your predefined products. However, there is no feature to change in one shot, all vat rates defined for your predefined products or services (with 3.4.0 and 3.4.1, the feature exists but was not working for supplier prices):

- The easier way is to ask to upgrade your instance to 3.4.2. Once this is done, go onto previous chapter.

- If you can't or don't want to upgrade, you must go manually on each product or service, into tab Customer Prices and Supplier Prices, to edit prices.





FAQ written by DoliCloud support team.