New feature - The ondemand upgrade of your Dolibarr ERP CRM

There is a lot SaaS solution on the market to manage your company.
You subscribe and you get a ready to use software, that is updated automatically. Great, magic, a new feature appears... Hoops, another one disappears... Oh my good, you prepared a training with video, slides for your employees and the application has just changed yesterday !

This does not happen when you use Dolibarr ERP CRM on DoliCloud: We think YOU must decide when you are ready for an upgrade to a new version of your Information System.
So Dolicloud has developped the Ondemand Live Upgrade on its SaaS offer of Dolibarr ERP CRM. This new feature is now available for all DoliCloud users: Just login to your customer dashboard, and choose "Support" - then Choose the category "Upgrade my instance"

And the wizard will make the migration for you... Enjoy the new version.

Do you want to try an Open Source management software you fully control (full access to the database, to the code, and now to the upgrade process) ?

Test Dolibarr ERP CRM now...